Our tutoring program is very effective due to our focus on the Ontario school curriculum. Our highly knowledgeable teaching staff are school teachers with credentials in their area of teaching. We understand the school grading system being a Private school itself and we use our understanding to guide our students from different school boards across the Greater Toronto Area for highest marks possible.



X  We offer:

î  Advanced placement (AP) Course preparation

î  IB (International Baccalaureate) Course preparation

î  SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) course preparation


Our result-oriented tutors will draw on their all-encompassing training and know-how to help students make plans that attains select objectives. Our tutors are methodically selected from the most qualified and in demand tutors. Each one has tutored thousands of hours and helped students raise their scores significantly.  


They not only teach, but also contribute to updating our prep materials used by all our certified tutors. They know all the tips and tricks to raise scores on exams you have to take. They find the best personalized way that work for you the student.  Our tutors have worked with numerous students from different backgrounds and different needs. Their ability to personalize their teaching methods to their students’ needs is how they have helped countless students improve their marks considerably.



X  University and College course tutoring for Math, Sciences and English:

Our program is designed to bridge the gap to HSC, and ensure you get a head start over your peers. We’ve helped students ace their exams and get into the university of their choice. We cover concepts behind the theory so that you truly understand the content rather than rote learning or memorizing content. We have competent teachers, who not only tutor but mentor.


We have polished and perfected our Math program. Our evaluation determines your child’s grade equivalent, so that we can design a “custom-tailored” program.  We fast-track content in quadratics, functions, trigonometry and polynomials so students can be ahead in school.


For our sciences tutoring, we designed a platform based on your child’s textbook and course outline. Our tutors are there to help your child to not only excel, but master the material. Our Advanced Science course prepares students for HSC specialization. Our program focuses on introductory Chemistry and Physics, so students get a feel of these subjects and the disciplines required prior to finalizing their subject selections.

Our English program focuses on critical analysis of texts and building skills in creative and essay writing. The program will prepare students for Advanced and Extension English, where the writing requirements will increase significantly. The foundations of English is understanding how to analyze, evaluate and communicate ideas in writing. Our program breaks down prose, poetry and drama so students learn to write coherently, a critical skill for HSC English.


X  Our Exclusive Reading/Writing program for Elementary and Middle school:

This program helps our younger students improve test scores across the subjects. It engages struggling students, and helps build language proficiency with confidence. Our English classes focus on the basics of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing, reading, comprehension; and addresses the individual need of every child.


X  Tutoring for French and ESL (English as a second language):

This course is offered as a language acquisition course meant for students who have no prior experience with, or very little exposure to, the target language. Students who are learning a language for the first time develop their receptive, productive, and interactive skills while learning to communicate in the target language in both familiar and unfamiliar situations.  

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