The policy regarding prerequisites is stated as follows in the law - Ontario Secondary Schools, Grades 9 to 12: Program and Diploma Requirements, 1999 (section 5.3.3): Courses in Grade 11 may have prerequisites as a condition for enrolment. All prerequisite courses will be identified in ministry curriculum policy documents, and no courses apart from these may be identified as prerequisites.

Schools must provide parents and students with clear and accurate information on prerequisites. If a parent or an adult student requests that a prerequisite be waived, the principal will determine whether or not the prerequisite should be waived. A principal may also initiate consideration of whether a prerequisite should be waived. The principal will make his or her decision in consultation with the parent or adult student and appropriate school staff.

In cases where the parent or adult student disagrees with the decision of the principal, the parent or adult student may ask the appropriate supervisory officer to review the matter. The fourteen curriculum policy documents outlining the curriculum expectations for all Grade 11 and 12 courses, and including the course descriptions and information about prerequisites provided here, will be distributed to schools when they are finalized. The curriculum policy document for interdisciplinary studies will be released at a later date.

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Recognizing that not all current Canadian high school applicants will be able to present results according to the usual timeline, some schools will make conditional offers of admission throughout the year on the basis of your available Grade 11 (or equivalent) marks; this assessment is possible provided your record shows that you are enrolled in all required courses. If a Grade 12 mark in a prerequisite subject is not available, they use the mark in the corresponding Grade 11 course.

While Canadian secondary schools and provincial Ministries of Education are adjusting their evaluation methods, grading processes, or using alternative methods of assessment, such adjustments will not negatively affect admission consideration. In jurisdictions where Diploma/Provincial exams are now optional, when considering an applicant’s final results for Fall 2021 admission, we will use the final mark on a transcript whether a Diploma/Provincial exam was written or not.


If you have taken any Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate HL subjects, you may be eligible for transfer credit.

·        Ontario High School Students may need the following:

o   Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with six Grade 12 U/M subjects, including ENG4U or EAE4U

o   MCV4U is required for programs with the Calculus prerequisite

o   The co-op component of Grade 12 courses will not be used for admission purposes

If you wish to take courses to qualify for a graduate program or other professional programs, you may want to consider applying as a Non-degree applicant.

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