Grade 10 Compulsory courses include English, Math, Science, Careers and Civics, History. If you missed any grade 9 compulsory courses you can select them for next year. There are 3 elective choices + 2 alternates. Elective courses can be chosen from grades 9, 10, or 11

New courses being offered next year include grade 10 Urban Art, grade 11 Music. For Creating, grade 11 Communication and Information (business), grade 11 and Personal and Fitness Activities, grade 11 Green Industries. There are no prerequisites for grade 10 elective courses (ie. you don’t need to do the course in grade 9 in order to take it in grade 10)

Consider reaching ahead; for example, if you plan to take senior university-level science courses and you would like co-op or the Outdoor Education Leadership Program in grade 11, you may want to take a grade 11 University Biology credit in semester 2 of your grade 10 year to lighten your workload in grade 11. Please choose your levels carefully.

Decent marks in grade 9 academic courses will help you to be more successful in grade 10 academic courses. Grade 10 applied courses will lead to grade 11 college and mixed level courses. Grade 10 academic courses will lead to grade 11 university, college, or mixed level courses.

Summer school - the only grade 10 course offered is Careers and Civics, which can be taken via e-learning. To help you pick your levels and courses, you may want to do some research. Post-secondary research includes talking to teachers at the course fair - brochures will be given on Tuesday morning - you will have time to attend 5 sessions.

We recommend that you to meet with your counsellor early in your high school career to plan your course selection. The Ministry of Education provides detailed information regarding Ontario high school courses and course descriptions.


Which courses are recommended? The school has suggested sequences of high school courses that will prepare you for applying to university. Remember to confirm the requirements and admission ranges for your program(s) of interest before applying.  


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