We are a Ministry-Approved Private High School in Ontario helping students achieve their High School diploma.

Published by Aitchison School of Canada on October 4th, 2021


In most Canadian high schools, grade 10 students are between the ages of 15 – 16 years old. As Grade 10 is the 10th year of mandatory schooling in Canada, our Grade 10 classes are taught by certified teachers who understand that each child is unique.


X  All  our courses must have minimum 110 hours study required plus all requisite tests, quizzes, assignments, classwork and final exams completed to earn credit

X  We provide Ontario provincial report card for high school credit course which are accepted by all Canadian universities, colleges and schools

We are very proud of the success of our school and ensure that students learn more than the bare minimum required to graduate from high school and offer classes to facilitate higher learning all the while adhering to the Ontario school curriculum.


            Our students learn from some of the most experienced teachers in Ontario who are specialists in the subject area of each grade. Listed below are Grade 10 courses we offer, some of which may have prerequisites:

X  English:

î  English [Academic] Code - ENG2D; Pre-requisite - ENG1D or ENG1P, English Grade 9

î  English [Applied]     Code - ENG2P; Pre-requisite - ENG1D or ENG1P, English Grade 9


X  Mathematics:

î  Principles of Mathematics [Academic] Code - MPM2D; Pre-requisite - MPM1D or Mathematics Transfer course-9

î  Foundations of Mathematics [Applied] Code - MFM2P;  Pre-requisite - MPM1D or MFM1P, Grade 9 Mathematics


X  Science:

î  Science [Academic] Code - SNC2D; Pre-requisite - SNC1D or SNC1P, Grade 9 Science

î  Science [Applied]     Code - SNC2P; Pre-requisite - SNC1D or SNC1P, Grade 9 Science


X  Canadian History Since World War 1

î  Canadian History Since World War 1 [Academic] Code - CHC2D; Pre-requisite – None

î  Canadian History Since World War 1 [Applied]     Code - CHC2P; Pre-requisite – None


X  Civics and Citizenship:

î  Civics and Citizenship [Open] Code - CHV2O; Pre-requisite – None


X  Careers:

î  Careers  [Open] Code - GLC2O Pre-requisite – None


X  Drama:

îDrama [Open] Code - ADA2O; Pre-requisite – None


X  Healthy Active Living:

îHealthy Active Living [Open] Code - PPL2O; Pre-requisite – None


X  Introduction To Business:

îIntroduction To Business [Open] Code - BBI2O; Pre-requisite – None


X  Visual Arts:

îVisual Arts [Open] Code - AVI2O; Pre-requisite – None


            We understand students learn things differently; so we have designed all our courses to correspond to each student’s learning abilities. All the courses offered by our school are recognized by the Ministry of Education and will lead your children toward a graduation diploma.

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